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New Low-Cost Medical Plans For Non-Benefited Employees

For the 2014 Plan Year, the VEBA Board decided to make the following ACA-compliant, low-cost medical plans available to non-benefitted employees:

·         UnitedHealthcare Low-Cost Plan

·         Kaiser Low-Cost Plan


Rates and benefits are being finalized and we will send them to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are the plan requirements that you need to know.

·         For Districts and each of their Associations who choose to offer a low-cost medical plan, the District/Association can offer either the low-cost UnitedHealthcare or the low-cost Kaiser plan; both plans cannot be offered at a Bargaining or Non-Bargaining unit level

·         The selected low-cost plan must only be made available to employees working in non-benefited assignments who do not otherwise qualify for coverage under the District’s/Association’s established 2013 provisions defining benefits-eligible assignments

·         Enrollment in the selected low-cost plan is subject to an eligibility audit by the VEBA administrator; the carriers have advised VEBA that allowing employees working in benefit-eligible assignments (whether enrolled or not) to enroll in the low-cost plan will negatively impact the integrity of the entire VEBA pool and will result in significant cost increases to VEBA members and VEBA-member Districts

·         When an employee, eligible and enrolled in the low-cost plan, attains eligibility for District benefits, the employee’s enrollment in the low-cost plan must be terminated

·         Employees enrolling in the low-cost plan may also enroll their eligible dependents

·         Continuation of a low-cost plan option beyond 2014 will require further study of ACA regulatory provisions effective in 2015.


For more information about the low-cost plan options, please contact Bob Whiting, VEBA Ombudsman at



Optum Health to Replace American Specialty Health (ASH) for Chiropractic Care

Effective January 1, 2014, the VEBA Board decided to replace American Specialty Health (ASH) with Optum Health (Optum) for chiropractic care benefits. Optum's rates were more than 9% lower than the ASH renewal and Optum's rates are guaranteed through December 31, 2016. Here's what your members need to know:

·         Copays will stay the same ($10, $20 or $30)

·         88% of the top 100 ASH providers are in the Optum network

·         Members need to confirm their chiropractor is in the Optum network before continuing services (if chiropractor is NOT in the network, members should contact Optum who will reach out to provider to join network) 


More information to come on next steps related to this change.



EGWP Retail Refill Requirement Is Discontinued

Effective immediately, the EGWP Retail Refill requirement for retired members in the Medicare Senior Supplement Plan is discontinued. This means that, for the fourth and subsequent fill of any prescription, Medicare Senior Supplement Plan members no longer have to pay the higher retail rate if they continue to purchase medication at a retail pharmacy. (Medicare Senior Supplement Plan members will still be offered the savings of 3 months of medication for only 2 copays if they choose to use mail order, however, mail order will not be required.) This ruling comes from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), which has determined that the Retail Refill program is a potential conflict of interest for Express Scripts to offer mail order program and for VEBA to require mail use. Express Scripts is currently drafting a letter to retirees in the Medicare Senior Supplement Plan who will be affected by this change and we will get it to you as soon as it is available.


Please note: This change does NOT impact VEBA's prescription plan for actives and non-Medicare retirees.



SIMNSA Health Plan Rates Available for San Diego Districts

For districts in San Diego who currently offer (or are interested in offering) the SIMNSA plan, the rates and summary are included in the attached "SIMNSA" flyer. Please note,these rates do NOT include chiropractic coverage, as that coverage is being discontinued in 2014 due to ACA fees. For more information, please contact Bob Whiting, VEBA Ombudsman at



New Communications Process for Open Enrollment

As soon as you sign your plan selection sheet and send it to VEBA, here's what you need to know:

1. VEBA will draft a custom enrollment flyer for your employees and will send it to you along with Benefit Summaries and other relevant information within 7 working days of your plan selection.

2. This year, we request that you order your enrollment kits directly through the carriers:

·         UHC HMO and PPO kits, please contact Lourdes Reyes at or 714-226-3591.

·         Kaiser kits, please contact Terri Lynn at or 619- 542-7203.

3. VEBA staff members will bring printed copies of all materials to the open enrollment meetings.

4. If you haven’t already scheduled an open enrollment meeting, please contact Shannon Hoffman at

5. Please don’t forget that the deadline for plan selections is November 1, otherwise you will be defaulted into your current plans.



New Plan Selection Sheet (for San Diego County Districts only)

To avoid confusion about which PPO plan San Diego County Districts have selected, please use the attached Plan Selection Sheet when you submit your Final 2014 plan selections

VEBA Plan Selection Sheet
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