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For step-by-step instructions on filing for unemployment insurance, download this PowerPoint presentation that was delivered at the SCEA sponsored unemployment workshops by CTA staff Marianne Reynolds on May 6th and 7th. This file includes the latest updates and information on the process.
Southwestern College Vesting Rights for Part-time Faculty

The SCEA contract provides vesting rights for qualified Southwestern College part-time faculty. The purpose of vesting status is to provide rehire rights to faculty who have served the district and the students consistently and competently over a specific period of time. To become vested, the faculty member must have taught a minimum of 2.4 LHE for the previous 6 consecutive semesters, not have had a break in service, and have all satisfactory evaluations.

It is important to note that it is the district’s purview to ensure that evaluations are conducted as stated in the contract and that the absence of said procedure does not disqualify the faculty member from becoming vested.

In addition, if a part-time faculty member requires a semester off, due to the cancellation of an assigned class or any other event or condition out of his/her control, s/he may ask the dean for a “non-break in service” letter so as to not break the vesting cycle or status. This is up to the discretion of the dean to issue.

For more information in regards to the vesting policy, please see section 15.2 on pages 54-55 of the SCEA contract. The direct link where more and specific information can be accessed at:

Interview Rights for Southwestern College Part-time Faculty Members


The SCEA contract provides a guaranteed interview to SWC part-time faculty members who meet the qualifications. The purpose of this clause of the contract is to provide qualified part-time faculty members the fair opportunity to fill vacant academic positions at Southwestern College. In order to be eligible for the interview, the faculty member must meet the minimum qualifications for the position as advertised, must complete the application procedure in its entirety, must have served the Southwestern College district for a minimum of 3 semesters in the capacity of the area of the open academic position, and must have all satisfactory evaluations.For more information on this right, please view the SCEA contract, article 15.1 on page 54 at the following Southwestern College link:

Health Care Benefits for Part-time Faculty
Southwestern College provides Health Care Benefits to qualified part-time faculty members through the District Kaiser plan (Article VIII, Section 8.3 of the SCEA contract). This is a comprehensive health care plan with low co-pays for both office visits and medications. To be eligible for coverage, the part-time faculty member must teach a minimum of 7.5 LHE each semester. The district pays the portion of the premium that is equal to the percentage of a full-time load (15 LHE) that the part-time faculty member teaches. For example, if the instructor teaches 7.5 units, his/her portion of the premium would be 50%. Faculty member dependents are also eligible for coverage at an additional cost. For more information about coverage, including premium cost or coverage details, please contact either of our benefits specialists in Human Resources, Shelley Carbajal or Diana Haskins. Their respective phone numbers and extensions are: 619-421-6700 ext. 5174 or 619-421-6700 ext. 5225. You may also contact them through district email at: or 
Call The Standard’s dedicated CTA Customer Service Department at 800.522.0406, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Or, email And if you haven’t taken a look at CTA’s Web site, visit Member Benefits at for more information.
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